This week we are focused on the outcome of Paul’s conversion experience, a long list of letters which through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, are part of the Bible, God’s word to us. Today we are taking a snapshot of those in one letter to the Romans. 

Romans is a long letter, and is packed full of crucial theology. Paul’s manifesto (Rom 1:16) sets up the book, and he continues to argue, first that Gentiles are “without excuse” since enough of the design of the Creator God is visible in creation that they should know better, but nor can Jews excuse themselves – having the law they should know better still! 

The next chapters present the righteousness that is available through the faith in Christ. From Romans 5 into the middle of our reading in chapter 8 he talks about “sanctification” – how, once we are declared “righteous” (rightly in a restored relationship with God), God makes us holy. 

Then from the middle of our reading a short section declares the wonder of how in Christ, our lives move beyond the ordinary and share here and now in the glory that is to come.

It is powerful stuff, and these verses are rightly a favourite of many Christians.

In verses 9-11 Paul turns to God’s righteousness and the ongoing destiny of the chosen people. The rest of the book till the closing deals with practical outworking of all this theology!

Paul challenges us that we need to both understand correctly, (preaching what we practice) and that we respond correctly (practicing what we preach). Both are critical and Paul assures us that the pivot of these is an assurance that we are on a firm foundation when we are in Christ. 

Your Brother in Christ, James McKee

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