I have long enjoyed the Psalms. For hundreds of years, The Psalms were not just the songs of God’s people, they were the prayers of God’s people. This was the school of prayer where together the people learnt what it meant to praise, to wrestle with disappointment, a place to voice joy, confidence, doubt, confusion, anger, disappointment, a means of clinging to faith and hope and it was done corporately.

As Christ followers here at All Saints we recognise that we need to learn, just like Israelites did, how to express the full gamut of our experience in the context of relationship with God. So many Christians feel like ‘we have to be happy,’ or ‘we shouldn’t ask questions of God,’ or we wade into the misery of life without knowing what it is to be anchored to a hope and faith in God that keeps us secure.

Over the summer, we are running ‘Holiday Psalms,’ a selection of Psalms that allow us to wrestle various aspects of life before our Creator and together, grow in our knowing of God and our confidence in Him.

May this season be a time of refreshment as we live life well.

James (Lead Minister, All Saints Anglican Network)


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