‘What Jesus did next!’

What does it mean to have Holy Spirit within us? What should it look like? What difference does it make? What about our church? Should our church look like the early church (there’s no mention of pews anywhere in Acts)? What about healing? Should we pray for miracles and healings? Or was that just for the Apostles?

As we mentioned last month, Acts is the story of the early church with its highs and lows, celebrations and disasters and we live not in Jerusalem or Antioch but Launceston. As we wade deeper into the book of Acts, these questions are real and relevant. The events of Acts are not merely historical curiosities, rather they are events that shape our present understanding and expectation. At St John’s we want to be a church that is of both “Word” and “Spirit.” We acknowledge the confusion that these passages have cause in the past but believe we need to engage with them afresh, in order that we as a community of faith will be equipped to walk in step with God as he moves in our city. May I encourage you to maintain a posture of humility and surrender, as we wait on God for God. Looking to Jesus at the same time for the same thing.

Yours, James (Lead Minister)

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