‘What Jesus did next!’

As we conclude our journey through Jesus’ statements of blessing, ‘The Beatitudes,’ we have seen afresh what it looks like to live as kingdom people, we have heard the charge to be ‘heaven on earth,’ we have felt the sting of distinctiveness as we look to affirm the values of society that align with God’s Kingdom and challenge those that don’t. As we focus on who God is calling us to be, we cannot help but be salt and light, out of step with those around us.
How appropriate then, that we spend the next 3 months working through the first 6 chapters of the book of Acts.
Acts is a fascinating book, full of names and places and events, the familiar, the weird and the uncomfortable. It’s a wonderful account of how the disciples of Jesus took on the mission of Jesus, fulfilling his commission to them to make disciples of all nations, proclaiming the gospel, baptizing and teaching. It’s the story of the early church with its highs and lows, celebrations and disasters. It’s the story of the coming of Holy Spirit, the promised comforter and helper. It’s real and it’s relevant.
We are not called to be the church of Acts, rather the bride of Christ, we live not in Jerusalem or Antioch but Launceston. Nevertheless, the story of what Jesus did next sheds light into what Jesus is doing now. Buckle up and hold on.

As we grow together, James Hornby (Lead minister)

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