Live life well. That’s the rally cry. That’s our vision as a church: to help you live your live well.
As a church there are three core activities we engage to see that happen – not just for ourselves but indeed for every person in our city- promoting Jesus at every opportunity, discipling one another and being intentional in our relationships to influence those around us to make positive, life-affirming choices. That’s the exciting journey we have embarked on together. 

But what does it look like to ‘live life well?’ What are we aiming for? How do we go about it?
Over the next two months we are going to look at some statements of Jesus that he gave in a sermon to a crowd of people about what it means to live a life that’s ‘blessed,’ a life that enjoys that affirmation and pleasure of God. These statements are famously known as ‘The Beatitudes.’ 

As we look at the Beatitudes we will discover a picture from Jesus of what it really means to live our lives well, to live in such a way that we embody the virtues and values of God’s kingdom, to be a part of bringing and being heaven on earth, and what we discover might surprise you.

As we grow together, James Hornby (Lead Minister)

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