Last week, we saw a pattern in the way Mary responds to the extraordinary message delivered by the angel Gabriel. She is regarded ‘because God,’ she thinks deeply about what is happening, she expresses an honest and open doubt, but keeps asking questions, before choosing to willingly surrender. ‘May your word to me be fulfilled’ even if it means that she may live the rest of her life in disgrace.

This week, some time has passed and we see through the Magnificat, Mary’s processed response to what has happened. And what a response! A response full of joy. In it and through it we see a radical picture of who God is. He is a God of mercy. A God who delights in turning the ‘natural’ order of things upside down, a God who delights in humility and works through weakness. And God’s mercy is the basis for Mary’s joy.

Today as we continue through advent, may we reflect the mercy of God revealed to us in Christ, that we might know the joy of his salvation.

As we grow together,

James (Lead Minister)

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